MANZANITA CV. The Apartment Friendly Open Baffle


Design Goals

"Design a reasonably priced, furniture quality, stand mounted near-full range Open Baffle speaker system suitable for small to medium spaces. Retain the simple construction, easy set up, performance qualities of the original DIY (Do It Yourself) Manzanita Open Baffle design while adding a full octave of bass extension". To achieve the extended bass goal, many hours of engineering effort and critical listening indicated using a unique high Q 15" woofer on wide baffle. Manzanita CV's baffle also incorporates shallow, shaped wings with a supportive plinth base. The result is an elegant, light weight, stylish, yet ridged - resonate free structure. To handle mid and high frequency reproduction, Manzanita CV incorporates the excellent Neo magnet system Vifa 4.5" full range. A custom passive crossover completes the design.   The CV is very floor space, and open space friendly and efficient.  The basic DIY version of this design has been built by hundreds, well actually thousands of builders throughout the world.  No wonder.  For the price it is a marvel.


Continuing with the Manzantia CV's simplicity and cost objectives, Manzantia CV's passive crossover uses only 8 high quality, carefully selected components. Components of a quality level rarely seen at the Manzanita CV's price point. Gold plated terminal posts are also included.  Manzanita CV is very easy to set up and enjoy!! All you need to do is connect your pair of Manzanita CVs to any stereo amplifier capable of delivering at least 25 watts RMS per channel into an 8 ohm load. And, Manzanita CV loves tube amplification with an impedance that remains above 8 ohms with shallow phase angles! Place your Manzanita CV in an appropriate room location 36"- 40" from a rear wall and not less than 30" from side walls. Space your Manzantia CV's apart by a typical 6' - 12' and you are ready to enjoy life like music reproduction. No multiple amplifiers, sub woofer(s), active crossovers, special contour boxes to purchase or install! No extra speaker wires, cables or power cords required! Easy! Simple!  


A write up from RMAF 2013

Perfect Pitch

The Manzanita CV delivers! Extended, pitch perfect bass. Seamless midrange with an open, airy top end. Excellent sound stage depth and width! Intimate vocal reproduction. You will be amazed by the Manzanita CV's ability to disappear while providing hours of fatigue free listening enjoyment!    


$1,950.00 matched stereo pair including matching stands in standard finishes. FOB X-Factory, Kerrville, TX 78028. 

Shipping weights:
Two each at 60 Lb. each and one each at 40 lb. Usually ships in 4-6 weeks.  50% deposit with order. Delivery and set up available for $250 per pair in Texas within 350 miles of Kerrville, TX.  Texas customers subject to 8.25% Texas sales tax.  

Specs and FAQ

  • Woofer:
    Dynamic 15".  Treated ribbed paper cone with treated accordion cloth surround.  Large linear spider. Medium excursion, high QTS.  Large FEA optimized ferrite motor with rear bump plate. Vented - extended – beveled core. Two-inch copper voice coil.  145 sq. in. cone area.  Pro format construction.
  • Midrange - Tweeter:
    Dynamic 4.5” full range with high frequency dome attached directly to a 4 layer copper voice coil.  Robust FEA optimized high BL neodymium motor with Faraday cap. Open cast alloy frame.  Special rubber surround and raised spider.  Medium excursion. New state of the art design. 
  • System frequency response:
    +/- 3 DB 42 Hz - 18,500 Hz in nominal residential environment at typical 6'-12' listening distances. Assumes minimum baffle placement of 36" – 40” from rear & 20" from side walls. 
  • System efficiency:
    86.5 db/ watt (2.83 V) @ 1 meter @ 8 Ohms nominal. 25 watts RMS minimum – 100 watts RMS maximum.
  • Dimensions: (Speaker only)
    Nominal 16" W X 27" H X 12" D.  Net wt. 45 lb. each.
  • Supports stands:
    Robust hard wood construction.  21” H X 12” W X 12” D.  Include adjustable brass feet.