Widow Maker 3 open baffle speaker


 The Widow Maker III member of the Manzanita family is a high value, full range, medium  efficiency, passive crossover Open Baffle speaker system. 

Dual 15" woofer on each side make bass you can really feel.  The 7" mid brings you astounding clarity and detail rarely heard.  The state of the art waveguide loaded tweeter assures that the highs can keep up with rest of the spectrum with no strain.

Easy to Enjoy

 WM-III is vert easy to set up and enjoy.  All you need to is connect  your pair of WM II to any stereo amplifier capable of delivering at least 15 watts RMS per channel into a 4-8 ohm load.  WM III loves tube amplification with an impedance that remains above 4.5 ohms and very shallow phase angles!.

Place your WM-III speakers in an appropriate room location 36"- 40" from a rear wall and not less than 26" from side walls.  Space your WM III speakers apart by a typical 6' - 12' and you are ready to enjoy life like music reproduction.

No multiple amplifiers, sub woofer(s), active crossovers, special contour boxes to purchase or install!  No extra wires, cables and power cords required!  Easy!  Simple!  

Perfect Bass

The WM-III delivers!  Deep, pitch perfect bass.  Powerful, natural bass without the bloat and resonances of box speakers.  Above that is a seamless midrange and open, airy top end.  Excellent soundstage depth and width.   All that with and intimate vocal reproduction. You will be amazed by the WM-III dynamics and ability to disappear while providing hours of fatigue free musical enjoyment.


    Dual dynamic 15".  Treated ribbed paper cone, long life rubberized foam surround.  Linear spider.  Medium excursion, high QTS.  FEA optimized ferrite motor.
    Vented - extended – beveled core. Copper voice coil.  Over 300 sq. in. of cone area.

  • Midrange:
    7" class dynamic, wide range.  Treated composite paper cone.  FEA optimized ferrite motor with aluminum Faraday cap.  Large raised spider.  Extend core.  Special composite rubber surround.  Five plus octave linear & flat range, low distortion.
    Dynamic wave guide loaded 1” treated silk dome.  Large rear chamber with ferrofluid cooling.  Robust FEA optimized ferrite motor. State of the art design.


System frequency response:  +/- 3 DB 32 Hz - 18,500 Hz in nominal residential environment at typical 6'-12' listening distances. Assumes minimum baffle placement of 36" – 40” from rear & 20" from side walls. 
  • System efficiency:  91.5 db/ watt (2.45 V) @ 1 meter @ 6 Ohms nominal. 15 watts RMS minimum – 120 watts RMS maximum.
  • Dimensions:  Nominal 17.5" W X 48" H X 13.5" D.  Net wt. 59 lb. each.